Our Adoption Story

Have you ever felt that you were standing on a precipice and had to make a choice?  You could either jump off in faith or go back down the mountain the way you came. You know if you jump, life will never be the same. But if you go back down, you may miss the adventure of a lifetime.  What did you do?

With God’s peace and encouragement, we decided to jump. Our friends the Phillips had been led in many ways by God to Ghana, Africa to adopt a son, they named Zion Bridge. As they learned more about this family, they became aware of three other children also.  Their Mother who was the family provider, had died in child birth of the youngest son (4 mo. old); the Father was unable to provide what they needed. The Grandparents were beyond the African age expectancy already. They began to move forward to adopt two brothers (age 4 mo. and 5 years; the 4 mo. old has since died from malaria and lack of medical care).  That left a sister and brother (age 8 and age 2).

One morning after reading their complete story, and after researching birth order with adoptions, I lay on the bed praying. Suddenly this thought occurred to me, “why not you? why don’t you adopt them?”  My heart fluttered in excitement.  I flew off the bed into the living room to propose the question to my sweet girls (Mike was at work).  I wanted to see if they would even be willing to share their home and parents with unknown children. Almost before I could get the entire question out, they all screamed in unison, “YES!”  That entire day, we imagined and joyfully hoped. We would wait until after work to talk to Mike.

The time came on the way to worship at church that night. We simply asked what it would be like to adopt the other two siblings so we could keep them close together. He agreed. After his brother went missing, we were even more aware how important family is. We both understood that though we don’t have an excess of finances we have an abundance of love. If God wants this thing, He will provide in every way from the adoption fees to the feeding and housing of our kids.

That night I came upon two verses, both referring to expanding the family to be a blessing to the nations (Abraham).  That sealed it for me; I was convinced that the Lord had this opportunity for us.  Mike waited and prayed for the rest of the week; I tried not to ask him everyday for his answer, but I did. Finally, a week later, he got his confirmation.  It seemed every prayer and song was reminding us about the names we had given them: Freedom Rose and Ezekiel (the strength of the Lord) Michael.  So on the way home Mike calmly said he was ready to do it.  We all screamed in delight and amazement and called the Phillips immediately!

This was in November 2010. In February, Kim Phillips and I traveled to Ghana for 5 days to meet our kids and document that we are adopting them. We spent three entire days with them and grew very attached. I had the pleasure of putting two year old Zeke to sleep at night. I comforted him when he cried; bathed him and helped him use the potty. We all colored, played ball and did somersaults on the mattress. We even took a long taxi ride as we were lost in the city together. I really enjoyed coloring and singing with Freedom and holding Ezekiel in the sling wrap as he spread his sticky sucker everywhere.  So many great memories flood my mind.

Then we had to ride to the airport as they were left on the side of the foster home road, weeping loudly.  It broke my heart.  Who would be their Mama?  America is so far away.  God has shown me how near He is to them and to us in this time of waiting.  We are guessing that they could be here by June but the timing is never very exact; it could be longer.  So we wait, missing them and planning for their homecoming.  God is bringing in the money as we need it.

This is our story.  Thank you for sharing in it.  We are “blessed and highly favored” (this is how the kids are taught to answer the question, “how are you?” Now we answer that way too.  May you be blessed too!

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